Frequently Asked Questions

What are the System Requirements?

A relatively current PC (Pentium IV or faster), Laptop, or MAC computer, a high speed internet connection (256Kb or faster, DSL, or Cable) and a web cam (simple USB plug and play installation), will bring Dr. Schwager or one of his associates to your home, office, clinic, or organization. The video conference software applications are FREE downloads that meet the stringent security compliance of HIPAA privacy regulations.

What equipment do I need?

  • A simple Web Cam available from any computer or “big box” store for less than $50.00
  • Speakers, microphone or head set. Also available at the “big box” store for less than $15.00
  • High speed internet connection, either DSL or Cable is necessary for connectivity.
  • Download one of the many “free” video conference programs. For example: Skype, Cisco WebEx, Zoom.

How does this form of Treatment differ from Traditional Treatment?

circle300It doesn’t! This is traditional treatment with the only difference being we are not physically “face to face” in the same facility. The treatment is the same without the necessity of our clients having to travel across town or across country to meet your provider. We will be either in our office in Arizona or Alaska, and you will be in your own home, office or facility of your choice.

Tele-Behavioral-Medicine research has demonstrated that patients seen via video conference is often preferred and may be more effective than being seen in person. Video conferencing in the privacy of ones own “space” has been shown to increase patients comfort level in general and favorably influence outcomes.

How About Security and Confidentiality?

The strictest rules of provider patient confidentiality apply! Sessions are conducted over a secure 256 bit A.E.S. Encrypted video conferencing program.

We encourage the use of Cisco Web Ex or Skype as the video conference program. HIPAA compliance is maintained throughout. This means PRIVATE, SECURE, no one able to “listen in”.